Smells like somebody died . . .

Posted Thursday, July 1st, 2010
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Welcome to my fanfiction’s humble home.  Some know me as Santa Carla Sunset on and others know me as LostNTheShadows on Marked by the Boys.  If you find any work found here anywhere else other than these three sites, let me know.  I’ll have some hunting to do in that case.  I like my work having its own little corner of the internet where it can live that’s actually within my control.  While I doubt the other sites will be going anywhere anytime soon, if anything happens to this site, it’ll be my fault.

Like how I deleted this space in its original form.  Yeah.  Brilliant on my part.  This site, nearly as you see it now, was up and running and functioning a couple of years ago.  Then I decided to appease my OCD self and clean out  the extra subdomains I had lying around in my account.  Brain fail on my part, I ended up deleting the subdomain that held all of Murder Capital’s content.  With a couple of clicks, everything disappeared.  Luckily when I re-loaded everything the template was still there.  Since that was the biggest pain in the ass, and the thing that ate most of my time, I was happy enough that I could at least get that back.  Everything else, while tedious, was just a matter of copying and pasting.

Now all of my Lost Boys fanfiction is compiled here.  You can find it by navigating the sidebar on the right.  You’ll also find posts about my original characters, namely Detta from the Changing Light series, the characters of the Lost Boys and random discussion posts about the movie, fandom, fanfiction and other general things.  I’ve flip-flopped back and forth about having a static front page versus a more blog-like appearance and while the blog format gives it the appearance of being used more often, having the last post I made be something from two years ago isn’t that appealing.  So static page it is, mainly because I don’t post very often as time just doesn’t permit it.  When I have something to say I’ll say it and when I don’t I won’t.  Plain and simple.  So just disregard the date on this post.  It’s irrelevant.

Because I don’t like repeating myself, I’m just going to put my standard fanfic copyright warning here, all nice and front and center, so I don’t have to keep posting it over and over and over again –

 Any characters/plots/histories/circumstances, etc. found within the movie/novelization/script or otherwise stated for the movie The Lost Boys isn’t mine. Duh. Any characters/plots/histories/circumstances, etc. not found within the movie/novelization/script or otherwise stated for the movie The Lost Boys is mine. So no touchy.  Infringement is not, and will never be, intended.